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About us

Each milestone is a success

Founded in 2014, at the beginning we focussed on development of the Calistair Technology and our first product, the R4000 for hospitals. A year later, the innovative solution was used in the CHU (teaching hospital). A further milestone: Pléiade Investissements and El Camino invest financially in our young company. More than 80 hospitals, clean rooms and laboratories now use our R4000 in sensitive areas of the so-called risk class 3/4 or where air quality to particulate cleanliness class ISO 7 to 5 is required.

In 2017, the family office of the entrepreneur Näder family made further investments in Calistair and we acquired our first major customers and distributors elsewhere in Europe and in the Middle East.

In 2020, Calistair was selected among the top 5 Top Air Purification Startups Impacting Public Safety During A Pandemic.

Today, specialists and researchers work for Calistair who dedicate their entire commitment to the removal of air contamination problems and the continued development of the innovative Calistair Technology. With the Calistair C300, a compact unit is now also offered for the first time.

Supported by partners, we at Calistair invest large parts of our budget in appropriate R&D activities (research and development) and in the specialist know-how of the research team. Recognised institutes validate our solutions and certify their high quality. Hundreds of customers throughout Europe now trust the extra safety, clean air and compliance with all standards.

Our vision

Air – for us the most fascinating element, to which we dedicate all our research and development.
A closer look shows just how complex air actually is. By studying air as an element in depth, we are confronted by a world of an infinite number of small particles – with a world that we can only guess at, but cannot see. It is full of strange creatures and incredible inhabitants and dangers. At the same time, it is home to real beauties. I founded Calistair because I want to understand this world better. Calistair’s objective is to create the most advanced and most strongly defensive air decontamination technology.

Jérôme Taranto (Founder of Calistair)