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Retrofitting air cleaning: how it’s done quickly and easily

Modularity is key – this becomes obvious, for example, if you want to equip any ventilation and air-conditioning system with a decontamination solution effortlessly or would like to supplement it. The Calistair Reactor is a patented module, which was developed specifically for the decontamination of airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi and chemical pollutants.

This is made possible technically by two honeycomb structures, which are impregnated with Calistair non-thermal catalysts, in combination with compact UV-C lamps, integrated in gaps. Highly active destruction of all contaminants does not occur until the catalysts have been activated by the UV-C lamps.

Calistair Reaktor

The chassis of the reactor is a metal frame. The frame is made of steel coated with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy or upon request in stainless steel 304 L / 316 L. This can be installed quickly and easily, and therefore cost-efficiently. Two UV blockers can be optionally attached to the inlet and outlet of the reactor for the safety of the service employees and fitters. The reactor can be offered with different conventional filter media. On request, we implement individual sizes and formats to your specification, which fully meet your specific contamination challenges. Furthermore, the reactors can be flexibly connected and positioned next to each other or on top of each other.

The most important parameters at a glance:

 WITHOUT UV blockerWITH UV blocker
Filtration equivalentG2 – G3* / Coarse dust 40 – 50%**F7* / ePM10 75%
Recommended final pressure drop100 Pa200 Pa
Maximum final pressure drop250 Pa250 Pa
Maximum operating temperature70°C70°C
Maximum operating humidity100%100%
Filter environmentNonwoven glass fiber
* According to EN 779/2012
** According to ISO 16890
Figure: Ratio of “air velocity” and “pressure drop”

Figure: Ratio of “air velocity” and “pressure drop”

Standard dimensions [mm]Nominal Q air volumeInit. Δ P
Without / with UV blocker
Electrical power supply