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Calistair Branchen Öffentliche Einrichtungen

Public facilities

Where people move and meet – protected

As a public sector provider or municipality, for you safety in public spaces not only means dealing with visible dangers effectively. You are also obliged to ensure uncontaminated air quality in large buildings such as underground car parks, concert halls, leisure facilities and schools – at all times.

Only clean air communicates safety, which invites people to feel good and stay a while. Accordingly, healthy air is free from invisible hazardous substances, for example, viruses, environmental toxins or bad odours.
With the innovative Calistair Technology you achieve this – thanks to scalability for every intended purpose and individually adaptable.

Create even more rooms with maximum air cleanliness in future, for the best possible protection of people – even where visitor traffic is high. Use the Calistair Technology to make public spaces a place of relaxed encounters once more.