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Calistair Branchen Viehzucht

Livestock farming

Better conditions for animals and humans

Air decontamination means: protecting life actively. A topic that is just as close to your heart, as a small agricultural business, as it is to large corporations. Our scalable Calistair Technology for air disinfection achieves what you need. Whether as a mobile unit for your chicken farm or as an integrative component, which can be easily adapted to the ventilation and air-conditioning solutions of your stables and barns. Your animals benefit from the air disinfection and live under healthier conditions.

As a farmer and employee of a livestock farming facility, the air quality improves noticeably, because the odour nuisance in the feedlot – caused by ammonia, dust or bioaerosols – falls significantly. Another positive aspect: microorganisms floating through the air, for example, mould, bacteria or their degradation products are destroyed. This helps to prevent the spread of infections from animals to animals and even the transfer of new diseases from animals to humans. Especially in livestock farming, there is a large risk to animals and humans of being exposed to airborne microbiological risks and viruses such as corona, bird flu or swine pest.

The Calistair Technology destroys these biological microcontaminants in the air. Depending on the pollutant size, non-thermal catalysis achieves destruction rates of more than 99.9 %. It therefore stands for the innovative instrument for better protecting you, as a company in the poultry and pig industry, from dangerous pandemics, loss of reputation and economic loss in the future.