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Performance in production – nothing functions without indoor air treatment

One for all. That is our innovative Calistair Technology for air disinfection in a nutshell. For you, as an industrial manufacturer, this means air cleaning to state-of-the-art standards for your production areas and for all offices and business rooms.

Calistair air cleaning systems not only destroy microorganisms successfully. They also quickly separate and destroy chemical pollutants such as alcohol (isopropanol, ethanol) and ketones (acetone, MEK-butanone), aldehydes (formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde), organic acids and many more.

As experts for indoor air treatment, our engineers and scientists are familiar with your challenges in the production environment – technically and regulatory. We know what is relevant for you and which regulations apply. We therefore always align our scalable solution for indoor air treatment with the highest standard – for the best air in the offices and business rooms and in your production environment.

This makes the technology of Calistair – indoor air disinfection through non-thermal catalysis – a pioneering application without alternative in industrial production.
Regardless of whether you produce consumer electronics or semiconductors, etc. The air decontamination is also ground-breaking in the pharmaceutical industry – very closely linked to the health care industry in regulatory terms. Regardless of whether you operate classically in medicine production or are one of the researching pharmaceutical companies – clean rooms are safe terrain for us.
And as an aerospace company, which also frequently produces under clean room conditions, you are in precisely the right place with us.

The Calistair Technology can be adapted to your needs almost without limit – optionally as a stand-alone solution using our mobile air cleaning systems. Integration in ventilation and air-conditioning concepts is naturally also possible. As our Calistair Technology for air cleaning complies with ISO 14644 and NFS 90-351, we are also strong sparring partner for your service providers and will also be pleased to contribute our know-how in an interdisciplinary way.