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Calistair Branchen Gesundheitswesen

Healthcare sector

Where healthy air means life

If you are tied to regulatory and technical requirements in the healthcare environment, for example, the ISO particulate cleanliness classes 8 to 5 and risk classes 2 to 4, Calistair is the ultimate answer for the removal of all contamination, including SARS-CoV-2.

This starts with microbiological contamination and includes particulate as well as chemically volatile pollutants. They can all be separated and destroyed effectively using the Calistair Technology – air decontamination on the most innovative level.

Whether a hospital, clinic, care facility, medical practice or laboratory: Our scientists know all your challenges, the comprehensive standards and high efficiency levels required. Accordingly, our air cleaning technology also conforms to ISO 14644 and NFS 90-351. After all, we not only want to destroy pests but also make your everyday work more carefree.

We can achieve this very quickly: With our C300 and R4000 mobile solutions you get to grips with your contamination immediately and reduce all airborne risks in the shortest possible time, for example, contamination with aspergillus. Our mobile air cleaners can also be easily installed and used by non-professionals. With volume air flow rates of up to 4000 m3/h they are even perfect for clinical use in an OP theatre or COVID-19 areas.

We also listened carefully, as we want to help not only you, but also your patients. Our air cleaning technology is acoustically convincing with low noise level. Communication in the OP is therefore just as easy as your patients’ recuperative sleep.

We take care of the rest and protect you with our Calistair Technology against infections, epidemics and pandemics, allowing you to fully concentrate on your patients.

ISO 14644 ISO 14698
NF S 90-351 avril 2013

Health professionals value our mobile units, e.g.

  • In resuscitation
  • Wards for newborn babies
  • Wards for infectious patients (COVID-19 wards)
  • In the hospital room for transplant patients
  • Sterilisation rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Operating theatres
  • Departments for severe burns
  • Storage rooms
  • All kinds of different specialist wards