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Quality promise

This is what we stand for – Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Calistair is a fast-growing tech company, which focuses on air decontamination. With our core technology, which makes a significant contribution to the health of humans and animals, we feel obliged to develop and produce the best possible methods,

solutions and products for air decontamination. Responsibility, excellence and sustainability characterise our actions.  They are the foundation of our quality promise. We feel obliged to fulfil in every respect.

The 7 pillars of our quality promise:

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.
We invest in quality-based processes. What drives us: making our technologies and solutions even better. And therefore even more efficient. For even better protection.

Personal and competent customer advice

Our team members – regardless of whether in sales or technical consulting – look forward to each dialogue with you, our customers. We interact quickly, straightforwardly and committedly, to identify and implement the best possible practical solutions for you.

Team spirit

Our team of experts is experienced, loves its mission and works with passion. Each is important to us. We give our best. And are only satisfied with the best results. The better makes us the best!


The wish to be even more innovative drives us forward. It is the perpetual question of which decontamination method is the best. For us, being innovative means that our technologies are fit for their practical purpose, meet customers’ needs and provide added value.

Customer service

Precise and professional advice, speed of action when solving customers’ problems and speed in logistical handling processes. These attributes are equally important for our customers and for us. After all: Service comes first for us.


Our technology and solutions make a contribution to improving the environment: They are favourable to produce and service, do not produce any pollutants and require comparatively little energy and resources to operate. The chemical catalysts of Calistair regenerate themselves and are characterised by their distinct durability.

Visionary responsibility

With our technology we want to face the challenge of air quality in indoor spaces of today and tomorrow and to improve the quality of life of people and animals, noticeably and permanently.