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Calistair – safe and healthy indoor air

Air decontamination as the basis of a healthy life

Our passion is your healthy air! Or more precisely: Your air decontamination solutions. We develop and produce the most innovative air cleaning technology. For every industry and sector. What makes us special: We at Calistair only do what we can do best, and in our research we concentrate solely on this one technology. Our engineers, technicians, biologists and health professionals, without exception, dedicate themselves to the scalability and easy system integration of innovative indoor air treatment.

Our standard: Implementing the best of all indoor air treatments – the Calistair Technology – smoothly in your existing components and assemblies.

Achieving top performances with innovation

  • With unique, patented technology. It kills microorganisms such as coronaviruses – and chemical pollutants, instead of only filtering them.
  • Free from harmful by-products such as ozone.
  • With air velocities of up to 5 m/s.
  • With the highest standard of cleanliness and reliability in hospitals and laboratories.
  • With constant passion for research – for 20 years!
  • With efficiency demonstrated on a laboratory scale and against Coronavirus.
  • With low pressure drops
  • Very economical due to low energy consumption.
  • Always individual: from the installation in HVAC systems to mobile solutions through to inside airplanes and cars.

This makes your end products more valuable – and permanently improves safety standards for people and animals. The small version of our air disinfection technology is suitable for indoor air filtering of a passenger vehicle and the large size or version for installation in the ventilation and air-conditioning system is suitable for a hospital, a public building or a livestock farming facility.
We define the new standard for air cleanliness in the interiors of production plants, industrial buildings and other types of buildings – worldwide. There is therefore practically only one answer to the question of how chemical pollutants, viruses and other microorganisms can be destroyed permanently and sustainably: Calistair.

And if you are asking yourself why we do this: Because we can do it extremely will.

So that you find the optimum technology for your needs

The established technologies for air decontamination – as the table below clearly shows – not only include HEPA, but also other solutions. They all perform good work across industries, but often reach clear limits. For example, HEPA filters display weaknesses, especially where smaller particles are concerned – the retention capacity of the filters reduces significantly for particle sizes between 0.03 and 0.5 micrometres. The consequence: the smallest particles remain in the air, as the blue curve in the following diagram illustrates impressively.

For your company, this can also mean that despite HEPA filters, many  particles in the air are not filtered out. Accordingly, not only the potential hazard for humans increases. It can also have a negative effect on the quality of your products.

The Calistair Technology solves this dilemma!

Calistair’s “secret”: It uses non-thermal catalysis, a pioneering catalysis method. The advantage: it not only destroys gases, volatile organic compounds but also microorganisms and no toxic or by-products are produced at the end of a reaction – ozone, hydrogen peroxide, radicals and similar and are no longer an issue here. In addition, the Calistair Technology makes it possible to handle air velocities of up to 5 m/s with ease. In combination with a very small pressure loss, the comparatively low energy consumption and the durability of the catalyst, these are all strong arguments in favour of use of the Calistair Technology and its integration in your industrial goods and end products.

Our R&D experts have summarised the scientific results for you. They compare the mechanical filtration and technology of Calistair. They show why HEPA filters should be supplemented or replaced by the Calistair Technology when it comes to effective destruction of airborne biological contaminations and therefore increased air cleanliness.

Figure: Filtration efficiency of HEPA filters by particle size (Source: GVS)


Tabelle: Übersicht verschiedene Dekontaminationstechnologien (Quelle: Calistair)

Table: Overview of different decontamination technologies (Source: Calistair)


Corona: an easy task for the Calistair Technology

Like most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic also caused you to be confronted by topics that were previously unimaginable: Quarantine, factory closures, production stops, a rise in sickness figures and much more. Clean and healthy breathable air suddenly had completely new significance. As an entrepreneur, you must now learn to live with SARS-CoV-2 and all its negative consequences and to deal with them farsightedly. Also, because science forecasts that other such pandemics can occur in the coming years.

And now the good news: Thanks to systematic research on our innovative air decontamination technology we now destroy 99.4 %* of the airborne coronaviruses in a few minutes.

If you are also looking for a technical solution for your company, with which you can protect your employees and customers and at the same time, maintain your production, if you opt for Calistair you will be making the conceivably best, future-proof decision.

Destroy microorganisms, VOC and gases permanently

Viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, acetic acid, isopropanol, formaldehyde and benzenemicroorganisms, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and gases cannot only be dangerous to health. VOCs especially can also cause unpleasant odours. If you would like to control diverse causes with only one solution efficiently, there is no real alternative to air cleaning by Calistair.

Synergies between engineers, chemists and natural scientists have created technology for indoor air disinfection, which controls all causes uniformly powerfully and efficiently.

The technology invented and patented by Calistair is not only a contemporary solution for businesses themselves. Thanks to its scalability it can be easily integrated in virtually all industrial goods and end products and supplements or replaces existing filtration solutions.

Acetic acid

Proven efficacy: The Calistair Technology tested

Air and Bio Tera Groupe

Repeatedly tested and proven: The efficacy of the Calistair Technology

Without research, no progress – this is nowhere as true as it is in the natural sciences. Working with renowned institutes, we brought reputable experts on board to prove that air disinfection by the Calistair Technology destroys more than 99.4 % of the airborne coronavirus type HCoV-229E*  harmful to humans effectively within 10 minutes.

The test series was based on a miniaturised prototype, which was used in a microbiological safety container with 0.54 m3 volume.

The important factor: No other aids or filters were used, only the Calistair Technology.

*HCoV-229E is a coronavirus in the same family as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is responsible for the COVID-19 disease.
Air and Bio Tera Groupe

Impressive test results that everyone should know

Further tests using a downscaled prototype, consisting of UV lamps and catalytic grids, led to the removal of 94.9 % of Staphylococcus aureus within 15 minutes.

In addition, Air & Bio without HEPA filters showed that the Gram-positive bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis (strain reference ATCC® 14990™) was destroyed with an efficiency of 96.32 % at an air flow rate of 1000 m3/h in a single-pass.

In a test with a fungusAspergillus brasiliensis (strain reference ATCC® 14990™) , an efficiency of 93.59 % was determined after a single-pass at an air flow rate of 1400 m3/h and without the use of filters.

Air and Bio Tera Groupe

Comprehensive test series confirm the efficiency of the Calistair Technology in a single air exchange

Further tests were performed by the experts at TERA Environment. Here the following average efficiency values were achieved at an air flow rate of 1000 m3/ h without HEPA filters in a single-pass.

Formaldehyde: 74 %

Acetaldehyde: 39 %

Acetone: 94 %

Heptane: 99 %

Toluene: 99 %

Acetic acid: 99 %

What our customers say

“Our hospital was looking for systems with proven efficiency for coronaviruses. The systems also had to be easy to install, in order to protect our employees, patients and their relatives and to control the risk of infection. We are very satisfied with the CALISTAIR solution, the service we received and the responsiveness of its teams.”

Gilles Vannier, Responsible for CVC Area
CH SUD Francilien, Corbeil-Essonnes

“The CALISTAIR solutions have allowed our hospital to maintain its service standard, to increase our capacities for welcoming COVID-19 patients and to supply adapted solutions in extreme situations. We recommend CALISTAIR for its products, which are particularly easy to install, for its responsiveness and its service quality.”

Philippe Honore, Head of Purchasing
CHU Brest

“We opted for the CALISTAIR solutions due to the fast product availability, the short delivery times, the good quality of advice and the ratio of quality to performance.”

Laurent Juillard, Technical Purchasing
Villefranche-sur-Saône Hospital

*The institute that performed the tests confirms that the technology invented by Calistair destroys more than 99.4 % of the human airborne coronavirus of the type HCoV-229E within 10 minutes. A miniaturised reactor (30 cm x 30 cm) in a microbiological safety container with a volume of 0.54 m³ was used in the tests. No other aids were used, such as filters, only the Calistair Technology. Coronavirus HCoV-229E is a coronavirus in the same family as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is responsible for the COVID-19 disease.